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Welcome. Bienvenido. – With a focus on making learning fun, with interactive and immersive activities from Day One, families are often surprised at their children’s level of engagement, but we never are. We’ve seen it happen again and again and again..

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Some tips for getting the most out of your family’s Spanish exposure.


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California Academy of Sciences – Spanish Story Time

Are you a member of California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco? Although we would love it to be open to all families, we are thrilled that on

Additional Dates – Spanish Story Time

Additional dates have been added to both the Petaluma and Santa Rosa Spanish Story Time schedules, including a special 'El día de los muertos - Petaluma' reading on

Books… a great, fun and familiar resource!

Over the weekend we were invited to have a play date with a wonderful family in our town. We were talking about books and wondering about what kind

Why use the Language Immersion approach?

Why do we use Spanish as the instruction language? As long as the information is made comprehensible we want your family to have the maximum amount of exposure

Club del Libro – El maestro de esgrima

por Arturo Pérez-Reverte "“I have spent my whole life trying to preserve a certain idea of myself, and that is all. You have to cling to a set

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