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About Us

A life’s work that stems from a love of learning and a love of language

We’re often asked how we started Colors of Spanish. It was a coming together of two loves, teaching and the Spanish language, that’s turned into a lifelong pursuit (not to mention an additional college degree, countless of hours learning about how children and adults learn language, and a trip across the globe to source the right curriculum).

While we began teaching classes in 2002, it was 2004 that we realized we had an idea we couldn’t let go of and Colors of Spanish officially opened. Since then, we’ve been bettering and broadening our programs and activities, with the overarching goal of building bridges through language by:

1. Making Spanish accessible to students of all ages and backgrounds
We know the love of language, and the love of learning, knows no bounds. Our students represent a great cross-section of the community and come to learn the language for many different reasons. We couldn’t be more pleased.

2. Helping to the conserve the Spanish language within the local Hispanic community
For native speakers living here in the United States, maintaining the close relationship between older and younger generations can be a challenge. Many of our students are second-and third-generation Latino children, native English speakers whose families enroll in an effort to maintain linguistic and cultural ties.

3. Having a great time doing it
What started as a passion has turned into a life’s work. Watching our students grow and engaging them in the Spanish culture, both inside and outside of the classroom, couldn’t be more exciting. Moreover, bringing the local Hispanic and English-speaking communities together through shared language, understanding and traditions is rewarding beyond words. We wouldn’t want to be doing anything else.

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Founder/Program Director

A native of the Bajio region of México, Guadalupe has been teaching Spanish to children and young adults in this area since 2003. She is part of the El Día de los Muertos, Petaluma committee and in 2011 was among seven individuals named as Latino community leaders in Petaluma by the Argus Courier. She leads the Colors of Spanish team and holds a Master’s Degree in Spanish, with a focus on early age acquisition of foreign language. Her classes encourage creativity, energy and the spirit of play!

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