Amor, curisosidad, prozac y dudas

por Lucía Etxebarría

Cuentos de Eva Luna

por Lucía Etxebarría

Ana, Rosa, and Cristina are protagonists in a desperate search for a way to deal with desire. This is a novel about the Gaena sisters that demonstrates the need for a strategy for women to implement in order to come to terms with desire in post-Franco Spain.

Looking for a good way to improve your Spanish fluency?.. Come join our small groups in the reading of this novel, by this Spanish author exploring the perfect house-wife, the life of the party and the modern executive.

  • Tuesdays: 5:30-7:30p (Feb 10 – Apr 14)
  • Cost: $270, plus the separate purchase of book
  • Level: Class is open to low-intermediate speakers to advanced speakers who want extra help, with grammar and vocabulary as they become accustomed to reading & discussion in Spanish.
  • Location: WORK Petaluma

In 10 class meetings we will practice our Spanish through the discussion of the week’s reading and and an analysis of the book’s vocabulary and grammar.

Books available through Colors of Spanish in Petaluma or online. Enrollment can be completed through our Enroll Now! form. Follow up instructions on language requirements and submitting payment will be provided in a follow-up email.

Lucía Etxebarría is a Spanish daughter of Basque parents whose first book was a biography of Curt Cobain and Courtney Love.

To learn more Lucía Etxebarría, visit her Wikipedia page or Facebook.