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Arráncame la vida – por Ángeles Mastretta

An extraordinary tale of love set in the tumultuous years following the Mexican revolution, Tear This Heart Out is seen through the eyes of the irresistible Catalina Guzman, a guileless adolescent who leaves her poor parents to marry a retired general almost twenty years her senior. Catalina has heard rumors that Andres Ascencio is a philanderer and a madman, but she falls blindly in love with him, “listening to his instructions like they came from God”. It is not until they are married that Catalina discovers the extent of his ruthlessness and infidelities. As he struggles for political control, she begins a fight for independence, a journey toward liberation that will transform her from child to woman.” – Powell’s Books

Looking for a good way to improve your Spanish fluency?.. Come join our small groups in the reading of this novel, by this award winning Mexican author Ángeles Mastretta as she tells the story of love, betrayal and passion through pivotal characters during the years after the Mexican Revolution.

  • Tuesdays: 10:30-11:45a (Jan 28 – Mar 18)
  • Thursdays: 5:30-6:45p (Jan 30 – Mar 20)

In 8 class meetings we will practice our Spanish through the discussion of the week’s reading.

Books available through Colors of Spanish in Petaluma or online. Enrollment can be completed through our Enroll Now! form. Follow up instructions on language requirements and submitting payment will be provided in a follow-up email.

introduction to Arráncame la vida

A young girl recounts her girlhood and eventual marriage to a general of the Mexican revolution. by one of the most outstanding writers of the new feminist Mexican literature, it is at once a haunting novel of one woman’s life and a powerful account of post-revolutionary Mexico from a female perspective.” Barnes & Noble

“…set in post-revolutionary Mexico. …irreverent Catalina, Mastretta’s first-person protagonist … narrates her coming of age through a marriage to a retired general much older than herself.” Sonoma County Library

Ángeles Mastretta is a Mexican author and journalist. She is well known for creating inspirational female characters and fictional pieces that reflect the social and political realities of Mexico in her life. wikipedia

To learn more visit his wikipedia page.