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Seriously effective fun 

With a focus on making learning fun, which coincidentally makes it way more effective, our classes are taught using the immersion method. We teach in Spanish from Day One to maximize your exposure and practice of the language. We use real-life situations to introduce vocabulary and structure, getting students to talk about their families, their work or school, their interests, how they spend their time. It’s what we’re all most likely to be chatting about in any language—and what helps to cement the fundamentals needed for a conversation on any topic.

Teachers that focus on teaching
Unlike many educational programs, our teachers are not responsible for creating their own curriculum. We traveled across the globe, literally, to find the most effective curriculum for our adult classes and have created one from scratch, using our many years of experience teaching children, for our childrens’ programs. Our teachers are able focus on what they really love: engaging students in fun, memorable, and most of all, effective ways.

The huge advantages of small classes
Our classes are small enough that we can all sit around a table, or in a circle of you’re a wee one, in a comfortable and casual manner. In a small class, you get more personal attention, more opportunities to practice, and get to really know the other students in your class as you advance together.

Say goodbye to grammar drills
Some grammar is needed to learn any language, of course. But you can learn language structure through theory (the focus of most language classes) or tactically through usage and practice. By backing into grammar through conversation and song, the way we learn to speak as babies, you come away with a working knowledge of Spanish—whether you’re starting at 3 or 73. You learn the fundamentals, without knowing you are doing so, for a practical understanding that gets you communicating quickly.