Club del libro – La República de East LA

La República de East LA

por Luis J. Rodriquez

Banderas de los EEUU & MéxicoLooking for a good way to improve your Spanish fluency?.. Join us in a collection of short stories from the voices of LA’s Spanish-speaking immigrant community. This is funny and hard description of life & dreams by an award-winning Chicano author and poet.

  • Tuesdays:  10:30-11:45a  or  5:30-6:45pm
  • November 6 – December 18

In 6 class meetings we will practice our Spanish through the discussion of the weeks reading, as well as discussing immigration & Chicano culture and history in general.

Books available through Copperfields Petaluma (707-762-0563 – mention Colors of Spanish and receive 15% discount) or online. See the schedule on the Club del libro Calendar.

From Goodreads  ‘From the award-winning author of “Always Running” comes a brilliant collection of short stories about life in East Los Angeles. Whether hilariously capturing the voice of a philosophizing limo driver whose dream is to make the most of his rap-metal garage band in “My Ride, My Revolution,” or the monologue-styled rant of a tes-ti-fy-ing! tent revivalist named Ysela in “Oiga,” Rodriguez squeezes humor from the lives of people who are not ready to sacrifice their dreams due to circumstance.

In these stories, Luis J. Rodriguez gives eloquent voice to the neighborhood where he spent many years as a resident, a father, an organizer, and, finally, a writer: a neighborhood that offers more to the world than its appearance allows’