Cuentos de Eva Luna

por Isabel Allende

Cuentos de Eva Luna

por Isabel Allende

“Eva’s stories are more powerful than the twisted creations of others because they are truer and more beautiful.” – San Francisco Chronicle

Through twenty three stories related by the request of her European lover, Cuentos de Eva Luna brings us the imaginative mind of Allende through the inspiration of her young, Latin-American character, Eva Luna. “Interweaving the real and the magical, she explores love, vengeance, compassion, and the strenghts of women, creating a world that is at once poingnantly familiar and intriguingly new. Rendered in the sumptuously imagined, uniquely magical style of one of the world’s most stunning writers, The Stories of Eva Luna is the conerstone of Allende’s work. It is not to be missed by anyone — whether a devotee of Ms. Allende’s oeuvre or a new acquaintance to her work.” – Amazon

Looking for a good way to improve your Spanish fluency?.. Come join our small groups in the reading of this novel, by the Chilean author-extraordinaire Isabel Allende as she tells the story of love, passion & intrigue.

  • Mondays: 5:30-7:30p (Sep 29 – Nov 24)
  • Cost: $270, plus the separate purchase of book
  • Level: Class is open to low-intermediate speakers to advanced speakers who want extra help, with grammar and vocabulary as they become accustomed to reading & discussion in Spanish.

In 10 class meetings we will practice our Spanish through the discussion of the week’s reading and and an analysis of the book’s vocabulary and grammar.

Books available through Colors of Spanish in Petaluma or online. Enrollment can be completed through our Enroll Now! form. Follow up instructions on language requirements and submitting payment will be provided in a follow-up email.

introduction to Cuentos de Eva Luna

“Full of grace and passion…love and revenge…enchanting…One could go on reading [Allende’s] stories forever.” —Orlando Sentinel

“Allende is a real talent, an amazingly prolific one. In her stories there are palpable life and death risks, the risks of passionate love, the risks of passionate belief, of convictions and honor.”  —Leigh Allison Wilson, The Washington Post

Isabel Allende is a Peruvian-born, Chilean writer residing in Northern California who is both acclaimed and loved for her short stories & novels describing very often, strong and passionate female protagonists that in some cases are a mirror into her own life’s experiences.

To learn more Isabel Allende, visit her web page.