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Guadalupe, a native of the Bajio region of México, has been teaching Spanish to children and young adults in this area since 2003. She is part of the El Día de los Muertos, Petaluma committee and in 2011 was among seven individuals named as Latino community leaders in Petaluma by the Argus Courier. She leads the Colors of Spanish team and holds a Master’s Degree in Spanish, with a focus on early age acquisition of foreign language. Her classes encourage creativity, energy and the spirit of play!

September 2015

As many of you may know, Guadalupe is expecting her second child by the end of September. Unlike her first pregnancy, this one has not been without its challenges so it has required that she remove herself from the classroom this fall. BUT>>> she is still working closely with all of the instructors and you can look forward to seeing her at some story times towards the end of the year and then, back in the classroom in January 2016.

In the meantime… we look forward to welcoming the next member of the Colors of Spanish community!!