St. Vincent’s Elementary – Spanish Program

Spanish Classes for Children (Winter 2014)
Engage your students with the Spanish language! Let your children enjoy their language learning and appreciate culture through Hispanic themed songs, poetry, art, games, role-playing and other age-appropriate activities. They will have fun with cultural activities while in a supportive environment gaining confidence in their new foreign language

THURSDAYS 3:10-4:05p

  • DATES: Jan 30 – Mar 13 (see calendar)
  • COST: $113 (sibling $103)
  • LOCATION: 1-3rd GRADE @ Library | 4-6th GRADE @ Learning Center

Procedures & Family Responsibilities:

  • To register: Please fill out the registration online  and mention ‘St. Vincent’s Elementary’. A follow up email will have payment instructions.
  • Start of Class: TBD
  • End of Class: Parents (or indicated guardians) need to pick up their students. Please be sure to be on time as our instructor has additional classes to teach.
  • Release of Children: If anyone other than yourself or spouse will be picking up your children, please send us their name and phone number. We will not be checking identification, but will not release children unless they are recognized as the designated contact person by your child.

All materials will be provided by the instructor.

Checks can be dropped off or mailed to:
Colors of Spanish
55 Maria Dr., Ste. 844
Petaluma, CA 94954