Summer Spanish Immersion – 2017

Join Colors of Spanish this summer in our original innovative Summer Spanish Immersion program!

Petaluma | Cotati

Enjoying a traditional folk tale from Latin America.

Engaged in Spanish! .

For 4-6year olds and 6-8 year olds, our program consists of week-long sessions, Monday thru Friday, during which students will be engaged in age appropriate, fun activities that expose children to the Spanish language through games, rhymes, stories, acting, songs, music and art. Each week is based on a theme from which we introduce and reinforce the use of Spanish through concepts of science, culture and daily life – both here in California and in those locations where Spanish is the first language.


  • Monday thru Friday
  • 9:00a-1:00pm
  • $270 for the week

All levels of proficiency are welcome!

  • Léeme un cuento (Read me a story) – 6-8 years

Let’s build some early Spanish literacy skills during this week of Summer Spanish Immersion for our 6-8 year olds! We’ll use stories that introduce concepts and vocabulary that will link and repeat from one adventure to another so that your child gets continued reinforcement and practice. Familiarize, recognize and reinforce connections through activities that engage the use and response of students to one another and the group leader. All proficiency levels will benefit, whether they are taking the role of model or imitator.

  • June 5-9   Cotati @ Cotati Recreation Center
  • August 7-11    Petaluma @ Loma Vista Dual Immersion
  • Agarra tu toalla! (Grab your towel!) – 4-6 years

Okay.. our 4-6 year olds might not actually make it to the beach, but we will enjoy  exploring all the fun that can be had in summer (in Spanish of course!). Let’s explore concepts that highlight summer; common activities and the clothing we wear. But… is it still summer in South America? What can we contrast from there? How about the sea creatures we discover at the beach; what form do they take?, how many do we see? Through different activities, stories and songs we will familiarize ourselves to the concepts and sounds of Summer of Spanish! All proficiency levels will benefit, whether they are taking the role of model or imitator.

  • June 12-16   Petaluma @ Loma Vista Dual Immersion

To enroll, please submit your child’s registration form by visiting the Enroll Now! page. For the Cotati, June 5-9, enrollment is through the City of Cotati.